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Anual Meeting Art Reserve Bank - April 16, 2013

locatie ZuidasDate: Sunday April 28, 2013
Time: 14:00-16:00 hrs - afterwards: snacks, drinks and music
Location: Head office Art Reserve Bank, Zuidas Amsterdam

To all members, staff, co-workers, sponsors and those interested in the Cooperative Art Reserve Bank,

We would like to invite you to our first General Members Meeting on the 28th of April 2013.

At this General Meeting a new Board of Directors will be chosen (4 members) and new members of the Supervisory Board presented. The General Meeting will make some vital decisions on finance, policy and future developments.

All members (those who own an ARB coin or/and have an ARB pass) are qualified to vote. Every coin represents one vote. Showing your membership pass and/or certificates you received with your coin(s), entitles you to a corresponding amount of votes.

Non-members are also welcome at the General Meeting. They can obtain the right to vote by purchasing a coin on location. A visit may otherwise be a nice opportunity to take look behind the scenes of the Art Reserve Bank.

The General Meeting is an important part of the ARB experiment. The project is based on the idea of executing it in cooperation with all its members, i.e. all people who own a coin of the reserve currency. Members will decide on the future development of the experiment, financially as well as artistically.

At this meeting the current state of affairs will be reported and plans for the near future will be discussed. Members are invited to join the discussion with the board and management and to cast a vote on a number of proposals.


  1. Opening en welcome by the chairman
  2. Election of new Board of Directors of the ARB coop
  3. New chairman presents the new members of the Supervisory Board
  4. Presentation of the Annual Report by the chairman
  5. Financial Report treasurer + approval financial report
  6. Artistic report by the director: a review on the idea behind the project, analysis of the developments and current state of affairs
  7. Future plans and strategy: discussion about the future proceedings
  8. Concrete policy plans: decision making
  9. General questions and closing
  10. Snacks, drinks and music.

Complementary agenda items and/or policy proposals can be presented to the current board. Also extra members for the Board of Directors or Supervisory Board can be suggested in an email to bestuur@kunstreservebank.nl

Jubilee coin

On celebrating the one year existence Art Reserve Bank a special jubilee coin will be minted on 28th April. Unfortunately the financial position of the bank does not allow to give this coin away for free. But all attending can buy the jubilee coin at cost price (€ 9.00).

NOTE: the jubilee coin is only obtainable on location and on this day ! The coin can be neither ordered nor reserved.

Vault stock

We would like to give all attending this day the possibility to obtain coins from earlier emissions. So this will be an excellent chance to buy a coin by one of the preceding artists. Obviously while stock lasts.

Public Transport and route

The Art Reserve Bank head office is at Gustav Mahlerlaan opposite ABN-Amro. On Sundays parking is free at the parking site next to the bank.
Public transport: 10 minutes by train from Schiphol Airport to train/metro station Amsterdam Zuid. From there a 2 minutes walk: take the south exit, cross the Mahler square and turn left. The Art Reserve Bank is on your righthand side.


Committee recommendation:

Herman WijffelsProf.dr. H.H.F. Wijffels, former CEO of Rabobank, chairman of the Dutch Social Economic Council and administrator at the World Bank in Washington. Herman Wijffels is currently professor of 'Sustainability and Social change' at Utrecht University.

Arnold HeertjeProf.dr. A. Heertje, Emiritus professor of Political Economy at University of Amsterdam's law faculty. Meanwhile professor of History of Economics and member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW).

Rick van der PloegProf.dr. F. van der Ploeg, was State Secretary for culture and media in the Kok II cabinet. Rick van der Ploeg is now professor of Economics at Oxford University and professor Political Economy at Amsterdam School of Economics.

Coop Art Reserve Bank — Overtoom 256, 1054JA Amsterdam — T. +31 6 1226 3331 — info@kunstreservebank.nl